HNiNY Conquers the Main Street Mile

September 8, 2023
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September 8, 2023 Ava Salti

On September 2nd, Hockey Night in New York went to the 2023 Runner’s Edge Main Street Mile and the entire day was a massive win.

The event is organized by Islanders legend Pat LaFontaine, who founded Companions in Courage, a charity that connects hospitalized children to their family and friends, and heroes, and also plays a giant role in the Main Street Mile. It was the 20 year anniversary of the Main Street Mile’s first event, and Sean spoke to LaFontaine about the impact and growth of the event over time:

“You get some exercise in. You’re with family, you’re with community,” said LaFonataine. “Most importantly, I’d say you wake up the next day and you feel tired because you worked out, but you’re helping kids in childrens’ hospitals with the Companions in Courage Foundation.”

Sean, Stefen, and Jay spoke with many of the organizers and participants in the event, which has a Kid’s Race, a Women’s Mile, and Men’s Mile (Sean and Stefen even got in on the action!). A lot of the participants were Islanders fans, and had a great time discussing Isles hockey with Sean and co. HNiNY asked Islanders trivia questions and provided giveaways throughout the day. One thing was universal among each runner, though, regardless of hockey fandom: a smile. 

Every person HNiNY got the chance to interact with over the course of the day wore a massive smile. Regardless of how fast one can run a mile, whether it’s olympic-level pace or a casual jog, everyone was happy to be a part of such an inspiring and collective event.

It will always be rewarding to be a part of a community. That’s why being an Islanders fan is so special. At the Main Street Mile, that was no different. To see so many Long Islanders show their support for Companions of Courage, and doing something for good – that was the biggest win of all. 

Check out Pat LaFontainte’s full remarks and more extended interviews from the day below!

Companions in Courage Executive Director Jim Johnson talks about the event’s history, the growth of Companions in Courage, and the character of the charity’s founder, NHL legend Pat LaFontaine. He also shares a great story about Pat’s charitable efforts coming full circle when he meets a special fan at a bar in Buffalo.

Sean chats with Runner’s Edge NY Operations Manager Paul Curtis about the history of Runner’s Edge and its involvement in the community.

Nick Hirshon, author of “We Want Fish Sticks” talks about getting involved with the event and supporting Pat LaFontaine’s charitable endeavors, the return of the Fisherman & Islanders mascot Nyisles, and his all-time favorite Islander Mariusz Czerkawski.

Bonnie Bisogno-Salsone, sister of the late renowned Long Island race announcer & “Voice of Long Island” Terry Bisogno talks about what Terry meant to the Long Island running community after announcing over 1,000 local races and how they came together to support Terry during his battle with colon cancer.