Summer Spotlight: Rob Schremp, Islanders Alum

July 28, 2023
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July 28, 2023 Ava Salti

Stefen welcomes former New York Islander Rob Schremp to the show.

0:00- Rob Schremp jumps right into his experience playing professional hockey. 

2:45- Schremp discusses what it is like to coach and give back to the hockey world. He’s worked with Patrick Kane, Corey Perry, Drew Doughty and more. He talks about the evolution of technology and social media, and how there is more creative freedom in the game. 

“It’s not easy to jump from center to wing, figuring out that spacing and timing is very tough. I think the benefit [Barzal] has is his explosiveness… At full speed he can stop on a dime in transition and find plays, he’s a dynamic player. ” 

– Rob Schremp on Barzal’s transition from center to wing

15:40- Stefen asks Schremp about his favorite experiences and memories with the Islanders.

17:25- Stefen asks Schremp about the character of Josh Bailey, and what his absence will be like in the locker room for the upcoming season.

20:04- Schremp breaks down Mathew Barzal’s game and what the change to wing will be like. 

21:00- Schremp talks about his future in the coaching world, some career goals and where he wants to  end up.